Review: Selecting A PC Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner Reviews – Registry Repair Made Easy!

The best registry cleaner software programs are designed specifically to speed up your PC and stop error messages. They do this by scanning the Windows registry and removing broken or obsolete registry entries.

This article is aimed at providing you information in a registry cleaner review so that you can make an informed decision when deciding on which registry repair tool tol use.

The registry is an important part of your PC, and you should only use the best products when dealing with it. (Failure to follow directions by removing registry keys without knowing what you are doing can cause your computer to fail on boot up. Always make a backup BEFORE using any PC registry cleaner for the first time.)

Registry cleaners are a great maintenance tool for your PC. The registry is like the central nervous system of your PC, and problems with the registry can bring even the most robust computer to its knees. Even small registry errors can cause your PC to stop running normally.

About 99% of the time, the reason that computer performance decreases and errors become more prevalent is because of software not hardware problems. That is, problems arising from your operating system (i.e. Windows) and all the programs that are installed on your computer. The remaining 1% of the time, it’s due to a malfunctioning part of your hardware.

Cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry is a good place to start. For more information about what the registry is and how and why it should be cleaned, see our Registry Repair FAQ.

However, computer errors and poor performance can also be the result of a number of other issues including a fragmented hard drive, too many junk files and unnecessary programs running in the background.

ALL IN ONE SOLUTIONS:  We have found that an all-in-one suite of tools like PC Health Advisor which addresses all these problem-areas costs virtually the same as a ‘normal’ registry cleaner is a great value.

STAND ALONE SOLUTIONS: However for specialty work in your registry, products like RegCure are superior.  Both “all-in-one” and “Stand Alone” work great but one is more focused on a particular area of your PC’s health than the other. There are usually additional benefits to this. More in depth diagnosis and clean up for one.

Note: If you’re sure you only want a simple registry cleaner, consult our review below for help finding the right one.


Make Your PC Run Like New Again With PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor is a Comprehensive Suite of Tools That:

  • Cleans and Optimizes the Windows Registry
  • Fixes & Prevents Errors
  • Cleans Up Clutter by Removing Junk Files
  • Eliminates Malware & Spyware
  • Costs a Fraction of What a Repair Shop Does + Try It Free!

Download PC Health Advisor
Why pay a repair shop to basically run the same program?

PC Health Advisor Website >>
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Registry Repair Software

RegCure5 Stars


Reg Cure is an excellent registry scanner and repair tool designed by ParetoLogic Inc. It is perhaps the hands down leading registry cleaner in the stand alone category!  One of the most reliable registry cleaners downloadable on the internet for several years running.

Because of it’s quick and comprehensive scanning and repair process, RegCure is rated as one of the best and most popular registry cleaners in use today. It is arguably one of the most comprehensive after PC Health Advisor. It is an effective automated registry cleaner you can use to protect your PC that is also used by many PC repair technicians in the field ( who will charge you an arm and a leg for the cleaning to “restore” your registry and clean it up.  They will very rarely do this manually with the use of an automated cleaner first.  Save money and avoid a pc regair visit at Geeksquad and other service.
RegCure Website >>


Registry Easy4 Stars


RegistryEasy flies somewhat “under the radar”, not quite as widely used as some of the other registry cleaners although it has been downloaded by thousands of people and is very capable as well and is rated highly.

RegistryEasy isn’t watered down with a bunch of bells and whistles, so it relies on it’s rock-solid registry editor & cleaner.Not as well known as RegCure.

Direct Download Demo >>
RegistryEasy Website >>


RegGenie4 Stars


RegGenie has quickly become one of the most popular registry cleaning and PC-Optimization utilities on the market.

Although there are a number of factors that have helped drive its popularity; its dead simple interface, its comprehensive optimization features and its ability to virtually automate the entire cleanup process – It is RegGenie’s ability to produce results that has really set it apart…RegiGenie Website >>


Registry Mechanic4 Stars

Registry Mechanic is designed by PC Tools, which also makes a host of other computer-related software, including anti-malware/spyware and antivirus programs.

They claim to have over 60 million downloads, mostly on sites like CNET and
Registry Mechanic Website >>


Error Nuker3 Stars

Error Nuker is another relatively well known registry repair utilities. It’s been available online for years and runs on Windows 98/ME, 2000, XP and Vista.

Error Nuker and it’s sister programs Pop-Up Nuker, Spam Nuker, and Spyware Nuker have all enjoyed decent success in their respective markets. It has some shortcomings relative to other tools.

Full Error Nuker Review >>
Error Nuker Website >>


ErrorFix3 Stars


A relative newcomer to the PC registry cleaning market, the ErrorFix software (sometimes referred to as ErrorFixAdvanced) offers a well-rounded, albeit somewhat limited registry cleaning program.

ErrorFix is designed to run on Windows 98/ME, 2000, XP and Vista.

Full ErrorFix Review >>
ErrorFix Website >>


Registry Fix3 Stars

Registry Fix
is another popular registry repair and PC optimization program.

Released in 2004, Registry Fix has been used by millions of people.

One reason for its widespread use is its ability to fix others flaws in your PC in addition to repairing the registry.

Full Registry Fix Review >>
Registry Fix Website >>


RegDefense3 Stars

is a relatively new entry in the registry cleaning market. Xionix, the company that designed RegDefense, has been releasing updated editions every year since it first launched in 2007.

The current installment offers deep registry scanning, full automatic registry backup and registry defrag and compression.
RegDefense Website >>


Registry Smart2 Stars


Registry Smart is a slightly lesser-known and fairly basic registry cleaner. It claims to scan your registry in 2 minutes or less and fix all the major issues your anti-virus can’t fix.

To back up its claims Registry Smart comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
Registry Smart Website >>


The Best Registry Cleaner – Features to Look For

Even the best and fastest of computers inevitably slow down. Over time, they get bogged down from an accumulation of old programs and files as well as obsolete entries in the Windows registry. This slows them down, just like a car that hasn’t had an oil change for too long.

The Windows registry acts like your computer’s index, storing settings and other information about all the programs running on your PC. So when programs are installed and uninstalled and files are created, moved and deleted, this registry becomes filled with obsolete information which slows your PC down as it has to search through increasing amounts of useless information to find what it needs.

Thankfully, a little piece of software known as a registry cleaner can help clean it up and get your PC back up to speed. With the help of our comprehensive reviews you should be able to find the best registry cleaner to suit your needs.

Using a registry cleaner digs all those bits and pieces out of your registry. Having all that extra detritus in your registry slows the start-up speed, and the processing speed. That’s why it is important to use the best registry cleaner that you can find to ensure none of it is left behind. Our helpful guides and program reviews are designed to help you get the most effective software for your money.

The question is then, what makes the best registry cleaner. The first thing to look for is one that is easy to use.The last thing you want is some piece of software that takes a computer science degree to use. So you want to find something that is very easy to use, with simple navigation and a clean interface. What you want is a registry cleaner that is designed for the average computer user, so that virtually all you have to do is push the scan button and let it do the rest.

The best registry cleaners not only clear out your registry, they should also include a feature to disable unnecessary programs that start automatically when you start your computer. These sap valuable memory and processor resources. These programs are often installed without your knowledge when you install other programs or when downloading certain programs from the Internet.

Another feature that the best registry cleaner should have is an up-to-date database for your registry. Additionally, a good program should allow you to backup your registry before errors are repaired so that you can restore to a previous point in case there are any issues (though this is rare). Thankfully, this feature is standard with most registry software.

Consult our various guides and reviews for more help on cleaning and optimizing your PC for performance like when you first bought it.


Registry Cleaner Software Reviews – Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Making sure the registry cleaner you get is compatible with your version of Windows.

Every computer, no matter how fast it starts out, eventually slows down. Part of that slow down is because a part of every Windows-based operating system called the Windows registry gets filled with all kinds of junk. It doesn’t matter if the computer is running Windows 7 or Windows XP, it’s still going to happen. If you have a computer that runs Windows, then you need to make sure that you have a good registry cleaner that’s compatible with your version whether it’s XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Every so often Windows comes out with a new operating system. Currently, the newest operating system is Windows 7, which took over from Windows Vista. Each version has its own quirks and personality. Newer operating systems require updated registry cleaner software. This is because Windows 7 has features and options that didn’t exist when Windows XP came out. Thus, an outdated cleaner for Windows XP just won’t be able to get everything on a new operating system.

Using registry optimization software that isn’t certified for the latest version of Windows can result in an ineffective repair process, leaving your computer vulnerable to errors and poor performance. Or worse, it could erase something that is necessary for the computer to run causing serious issues.

A registry is the part of the Windows operating system (whether you have XP, Vista or 7) that organizes and catalogs all your computer’s functions and processes. It’s kind of like your PC’s central database. Every program that gets added or removed makes some change to the registry. When a program gets removed it can leave some of that stuff behind, and those program fragments clog the registry up, slowing down how quickly the registry can manage your computer’s tasks, and how quickly the system starts up.

It’s like the engine in your car. If sludge starts to clog the fuel injector ports, then less gas can get in, which slows down how fast you car will start up or go. A Windows XP registry cleaner gets rid of all those fragments and bits of information, allowing everything to flow quickly again. Likewise, one that has been updated to run on Windows Vista or Windows 7 will do the job effectively for that operating system.

If you run any version of Windows on your computer and you have been noticing a decrease in performance or an increase in errors and crashes, you should check into a good registry cleaner.

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