How To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

There’s three solutions to removing a Yahoo! Toolbar

Solution 1: Through the Plugin

1. Choose Uninstall from your pencil icon (Toolbar Settings). Should you not notice a pencil icon, you may possibly have a different or corrupted Toolbar.
2. Just click Uninstall within the uninstall webpage.

Reboot; Yahoo! Toolbar should not be found.

Solution 2: Through the Add / Remove Control Panel

1. Click on the Windows Start icon.
2. Select Control Panel in the Settings menu.
3. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs.
4. Search down and then click on the Yahoo! Toolbar link.
5. Select Change/Remove.

Notice: Your directions for finding the Control Panel associate with the Start Menu could differ according to the version of Windows you might be using.

Because of Internet Explorer actually being incorporated in Windows, you may need to reboot your computer or laptop to completely uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar.

Solution 3.  When all else fails, or if you want to do the removal quickly and remove all left behind registry entries that could slow up your computer, and for a perfect software uninstaller solution download Perfect Uninstaller. You can find more information about Perfect Uninstaller at

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