How To Uninstall Software on Windows XP / Vista / 7

Windows XP and Windows Vista both include integral software tools that can help you uninstall programs. I’m planning to start out with these steps for the foundation of this guide. Then will get into how to deal with situations when the programs you want to uninstall don’t even show up in the Control Panel. This often happens with some problem software or software that is complex that has multiple components that need to be uninstalled properly.

An excellent registry cleaner to use alongside many of the uninstaller programs listed on this site is RegCure. You can get a free download at this link.

Routine upkeep will ensure that your computer is actually operating at its optimal performance! We’re  going to focus on these procedures as the starting point using the software removal utilities that come already loaded in Windows  . In case you have  tried this  procedure and the software you would like to remove just isn’t on the list in Windows, then you should scroll beyond the first couple of steps , don’t be concerned I’ve a resolution for you to!

Uninstalling programs from Windows is pretty easy most of the time. Simply stick to the steps defined below and you will then find out how uncomplicated it can be!  If you want to have an automated software application do it and also clean up the left over registry keys all at one time which is recommended by the way to avoid program and DLL conflicts, these two products are exceptional and we recommend them both. Especially if you are having trouble uninstalling any type of software: Revo Uninstaller Pro ( free download version ) and Perfect Uninstaller. More about them later…

How To Uninstall And Remove Unwanted Programs In Windows XP

Here is a step by step guide for how to uninstall programs on Windows XP with screen shots…

1. Go to your Start button and click control panel.


2. Click on Add/Remove programs.

3. You now have a list of software to select from. Simply highlight the program you wish to uninstall, delete, and remove and click the change/remove option. In this tutorial I have chosen to uninstall SmartFTP Client as a example.


4. At this point you will see a pop up with an option to remove the program.

Keep in mind a few things; It may take a few minutes for the program to uninstall fully to don’t try to rush things. You should review this list and uninstall only the programs you are sure you do not want anymore, however if you don’t know what the particular program is you should leave it alone!

I followed your steps but the program I want to remove is not listed? WHAT DO I DO NOW??

Sometimes you might not find the program you want to uninstall listed in the ADD / REMOVE list. If that’s the case here are two of the top rated most popular software removal applications which will find virtually any program on your PC. The good news is that they both have trial demos that often work perfectly without needing to purchase the advanced version if you don’t need to.


Perfect Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller are both two excellent top rated software removal utilities you can find on the web that specializes in automatically uninstalling virtually any software program on your PC, especially those that are large, complicated and tough to remove!  They both include PC Registry Clean Up functionality which is very often required to properly remove software so that original versions can then be reinstalled properly without error messages. Learn more…


How To Uninstall And Remove Unwanted Programs In Windows Vista

Here are step by step instructions that will show you exactly how to uninstall programs in Windows Vista.

1. Go to your Start button and click Control Panel.

2. Then click Uninstall Programs.

3. You will now see a list of programs, simply select the program to uninstall and click Uninstall.

Can’t Find a Program Listed or It Won’t Uninstall using the ADD / REMOVE program ???

If you are having problems uninstalling programs or the programs are not showing up in your Control Panel Add / Remove area there are several special software uninstaller utilities that work extremely well.  I personally do not like using the Windows built in uninstaller simply because it does not do a very good job of cleaning up the PC registry and also a lot of programs on my computer that slow it down can not be found or removed with the standard ADD / REMOVE Program in Windows. There is a list of some of that software below. The answer to this is to use a more dedicated and fully automated software uninstaller tool which can automatically clean up the program’s registry keys after the uninstall is finished…. Here are two top rated software removal applications and the good news is that they have free versions and trial demos that often work perfectly without needing to purchase the advanced version:

Perfect Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller

These programs are both great for managing and removing problem software on your PC. Especially when the Add / Remove application in windows does not seem to work right.  When I want something uninstalled, its going to be uninstalled by either of these two uninstaller applications. Both these programs will work with the latest Windows operating systems so it does not matter which operating system you are running. Check out this list of problem programs that either of these are known to remove when the Windows utility has trouble!

These excellent software uninstallers will help you to…..

  • Uninstall Windows Media Player
  • Uninstall Almightysearch
  • Uninstall Norton Anti Virus
  • Uninstall McAfee Anti Virus
  • Uninstall Dogpile
  • Uninstall Windows Messenger
  • Uninstall Limewire
  • Uninstall Flash
  • Uninstall Antimalware Doctor
  • Uninstall Google Toolbar
  • Uninstall Realplayer
  • Uninstall ITunes
  • Uninstall SIMS 3
  • Uninstall Microsoft Outlook
  • Uninstall ZoneAlarm
  • Uninstall Roxio
  • Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar
  • Uninstall Direct X
  • Uninstall Earthlink Toolbar
  • Uninstall Mirar Toolbar
  • Uninstall Speedupmypc 3
  • Uninstall Quicktime
  • Uninstall WGA

And many others.

How they work…

  • Lists programs and you select to remove the unwanted application in your PC even when not listed in Control Panel
  • They can forcibly remove unwanted programs that cannot be uninstalled completely from “Windows Add or Remove Programs” control panel applet even when you see it there but it won’t be removed.
  • Clear and clean registry entries and drivers that the unwanted applications leave on your PC
  • Show also detailed information of a certain application installed in your computer with different removal options
  • Completely removes Adobe Reader, McAfee, Aol Toolbar, AVG Anti-Virus, Norton 2006/2007, Avast and many others that are tough to uninstall properly because of their complexity.
  • Free versions are worth a try if you are having problems removing any type of software


Revo Uninstaller Free Download –  Perfect Uninstaller Free Download

If you are having difficulty uninstalling or removing programs from Windows XP or Windows Vista either of these tools will work perfectly.  We prefer Revo Pro Version but both are great!

RegCure and CCleaner can both be found in the freeware section at Rockbridge Downloads along with other useful PC maintenance utilities.

Enjoy and we hope this article helps you remove your problem software. We know how frustrating it can be.  The help files in the above applications are also excellent and provide some very good additional guidance.


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